Using film and lens-based media, I make photographs and films. Always drawn to the elusive qualities of a space, whether in nature or an interior place, I've grown to observe and absorb its mood and atmosphere, similarly to the ways in which film absorbs and is imprinted by light. 

With a camera, I aim to capture certain feelings within a space, sometimes projections of my respective psychological state or my response to its respective history, whether known or unknowable, much in the same cinema represents visual manifestations of fantasy worlds.

My choice and treatment of materials are bound in layers of Freud's theories of the uncanny, animism, and femininity, and my mergers of archetype and metaphor are engaged with an ongoing dialogue with images -- both real and imagined -- we associate with history, memory, and identity.  


BA Art History (honors), Burlington College
Burlington, Vermont


2015 An Order, site-specific installations in former orphanage
Burlington, Vermont

2015 The Abject Frontier, St. Joseph's Orphanage at Burlington College
Burlington, Vermont 

2014 Dreams of Arthur and Gilbert, L/L Gallery, University of Vermont
Burlington, Vermont

2012 The Unseen, Vintage Inspired
Burlington, Vermont

2012 Chapters, Furchgott Sourdiffe Gallery
Shelburne, Vermont 

2011 Photo Studio Open House, BCA Center
Burlington, Vermont 

2011 Boudoirs and Landscapes, Piazzo Barsanti
Pietrasanta, Italy


October, 2017 She Feared Nothing
Performance by Portland, Maine-based art collective Hi Tiger in Winooski, Vermont's old KeyBank building. Co-presented with Border Patrol Maine. 

October, 2017 Inversion
Site-specific installation by Viktoria Strecker at Champlain College Art Gallery

June, 2017 Spurious Brood
Outdoor installation of 200 Timex Watches in the tree branches of Burlington's City Hall Park, Burlington, Vermont

February, 2017 Fluorescent Light in Vacant Storefront
A site-specific light installation by Chris Jeffrey, Winooski, Vermont

August, 2016 Modes of Conduction
Site-specific installations by Germany-based artists Vesko Goesel, Peter Miller, and Viktoria Strecker at the Moran Plant, Burlington, Vermont

February, 2016 Conceal/Reveal
Interactive, video-based installation at Overnight Projects' Winter Location, Burlington, Vermont

January, 2016 Triangle, Circle, Square
Three channel video installation at Overnight Projects' Winter Location, Burlington, Vermont

August, 2015 An Order
Site-specific installations at former St. Joseph's Orphanage, Burlington, Vermont


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February 2007-Present, Director, Richard Erdman Studios, Williston, VT + Carrara, Italy

July 2014-August 2017, Digital Marketing Director, Jonathan Prince Studio, Southfield, MA

October 2015-Present, Founding Co-Director, Overnight Projects, Burlington, VT

August 2008-September 2010, Events Coordinator, Burlington City Arts, Burlington, VT

2010-Present, Contemporary Art Editor, Autre Magazine, Los Angeles, CA