Founding director and curator of Overnight Projects, an artist-run, migratory curatorial concept steered by artists and creative practitioners whose work shows critical observation and purpose. We consider projects with artists a partnership of shared labor, driven by curiosity, experimentation, a commitment to community, connection, and conversation, and a desire to explore ideas in open, vulnerable, and meaningful ways.

Founded in 2015, Overnight Projects organizes experiential installations and idea-driven artworks and events in revolving locations, including transitional spaces and traditional gallery settings. Notable past sites include an 1800s orphanage, a defunct coal-plant, a 1950s lakeside motel, a cornfield on the cusp of reverting back to a wetland, shipping containers, and an air stream which serves as an itinerant library.

Maize Meditation , Amanda Turner Pohan

Maize Meditation, Amanda Turner Pohan

  • August, 2019 Liminal States: What Were Some of the Things You Missed from Home?
    In Liminal States: What Were Some of the Things You Missed from Home?, artists Maya Jeffereis and Elliott Katz have collaborated on a two-channel video installation and itinerant library that examines the longstanding history of separating families and incarcerating minorities in the United States.

  • June-July, 2019 Katya Grohkovsky: Privately Owned
    A mixed-media, installation based solo exhibition of NYC-based artist-curator Katya Grohkovsky at the Karma Birdhouse Gallery, Burlington, Vermont

  • October, 2018 Maize Meditation
    An archival installation on the cultivation of corn by NYC-based artist Amanda Turner Pohan, McCarthy Art Gallery, Colchester, Vermont

  • July, 2018 From Away
    Site-specific installations by Vermont-based artists Wren Kitz, Angus McCullough, Sarah O Donnell, Charmaine Wheatley, and Mary Zompetti, South Hero, Vermont

  • June, 2018 Daybooks
    Screening of a series of Jon Beacham’s silent 16mm films in an historic hayloft, Shelburne, Vermont

  • October, 2017 She Feared Nothing
    Performance by Portland, Maine-based art collective Hi Tiger (Derek Jackson, Amandaconda, and Nicolette Antonett) in Winooski, Vermont

  • October, 2017 Inversion
    Site-specific installation by Germany-based artist Viktoria Strecker at Champlain College Art Gallery

  • June, 2017 Spurious Brood
    Outdoor installation of 200 Timex Watches in the tree branches of Burlington's City Hall Park by Virginia-based Christopher Mahonski, Burlington, Vermont

  • February, 2017 Fluorescent Light in Vacant Storefront
    A site-specific light installation by Vermont-based artist Chris Jeffrey, Winooski, Vermont

  • August, 2016 Modes of Conduction
    Site-specific installations by Germany-based artists Vesko Goesel, Peter Miller, and Viktoria Strecker at the Moran Plant, Burlington, Vermont

  • February, 2016 Conceal/Reveal
    Interactive, video-based installation by Vermont-based artists Rebecca Weisman and Dana Heffern, Burlington, Vermont

  • January, 2016 Triangle, Circle, Square
    Three channel video installation by NYC-based artists Andrew Brehm and Jennifer Lauren Smith, Burlington, Vermont

  • August, 2015 An Order
    Site-specific installations by Vermont-based artists Sarah O Donnell, Wylie Garcia, Rebecca Weisman, and Mary Zompetti at former St. Joseph's Orphanage, Burlington, Vermont